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[admin] New challenge at fanfic_fanfic!

*cricket* *cricket*

Okay, I know this place has been pretty dead for quite some time, but I'm going to start something here today that I'm hoping will enliven things a bit. Not long ago, emmagrant01 offered up an unfinished fic of hers for others to complete, and I liked the idea so much, it got me looking through my own hard drive to see what I could offer up myself. Soon, thoughts of my poor, dead community, fanfic_fanfic began to surface, and those thoughts are what bring me here today. Today, I issue a challenge to all of you. Here's how it goes:

Step 1: Go through your dusty, old files and find some bit of fic you've been keeping around--something that you know deep down you're just not going to finish. Post it here at fanfic_fanfic, using the following template:
Name: (Yours)
Length of fragment: (Word count)
Fandom: (Any included in the existing fragment)
Main characters and/or pairing(s): (Only characters/pairings already in the fic exactly as it stands now)
Rating: (Rate the existing fragment only.)
May changes be made to what you've already written? ("Yes" or "No" is preferred, but you may be pickier if you like.)
Other notes: (This can be as sparse or as detailed as you like. You may tell people what you planned to do with the fic initially--understanding that they are under no obligation to follow this course themselves--or you may tell them nothing at all if that's what you prefer. This note is not an instruction to additional authors, but rather a space to clarify your original intentions if you think it might be useful or interesting to them.)
Step 2: Tell all your friends.

Step 3: Wait anxiously for another author(s) to pick up your fic and run with it. While you're waiting, perhaps you'll be inspired by someone else's fragment!

There is no limit to the number of additional authors who may complete any one fragment, and this challenge has no time limit for original or additional authors, so it is completely open and pressure-free.

Note to additional authors: You may take any fic fragment posted here and continue it any way you want to. We do ask, however, that you respect the original author's wishes regarding the extent (if any) to which you may alter what they have already written. If we hear from an author that you have not done this, your completed fic will be removed from the community. Also, remember to follow the fanfic_fanfic guidelines for posting. All fics written from another author's fragment *must* give credit to the original author and include a link to their original fragment. We realize that we can't control what you post outside of this community, but we do request that you continue to respect the rules of the community and the wishes of the original fanfic author any time (or place) you post a derivative of their work.

Okay. Go. :) I'll start.
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