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Harry Potter fragment by dorrie6

So, I'll start.. :)

Name: dorrie6
Length of fragment: 719 words
Fandom: Harry Potter
Main characters and/or pairing(s): Harry, Ron (sort of)
Rating: PG for creepiness
May changes be made to what you've already written? Yes.
Other notes: This fic was started in April of 2004, and was originally intended to follow my double-drabbles, Hero and Home, in which Harry has been corrupted by the unforgivable curses he used to defeat Voldemort. In this universe, he has killed both Ron and Hermione (Ron by accident, Hermione out of desperation), and this fic began with Harry being confronted by something claiming to be the dead Ron. My idea for the continuation of this fic was that Harry was going to be sent on an important mission (in which he would have to gain the trust of an equally screwed up Draco Malfoy), and would eventually redeem himself, at least to some extent. You may use any of this you want, including the background of "Hero" and "Home," or you may ignore it all completely and create your own context. :) I really hope someone decides to adopt this fic, because I actually loved this fragment very much, and have been sad about its fate.


It had been there for days, He was sure of it now. The flash of red on the edge of his vision, the one he'd told himself was just another trick of his raving mind. Now it stood in front of him, staring, crooked mouth unsmiling, and he knew.

It spoke. "Harry."

Harry. He felt a sickening twist in his gut.


He doubled over, wretching. The thing just watched him, arms folded.

"D--don't call me that," he answered, struggling to force out the sound. It had been so long.

The thing smiled coldly. "It belongs to you."

He felt the surge of nausea again. "Please," he begged, clutching the nearby wall.

The thing came closer. "You're Harry. I'm Ron. Deal with it." It was now very close. Harry tried to move away and stumbled, his arm passing through its abdomen.

"You're..." Harry gulped.

It smirked. "You would know."

"R--" Harry began, unable to finish the name. He struggled to keep from reaching out again. "I didn't mean--"

"I know." There was no warmth in its voice.

Harry stumbled again, and everything went black. When he woke up again, a rock was digging painfully into his shoulder blade. The Thing was perched close by. Harry sat up, slowly and swallowed.

"W-what are you?" He stuttered, his dry throat protesting the effort. "Ghost?"

"Not exactly, but that's good enough."

"Are you real?"

The Ron thing lifted his eyebrow. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"I just..." Harry swallowed again. "My mind. I thought maybe it was--" He stared at the ground. "I've done so much. There were so many I..." He looked up in horror. "Hermione--"

"You don't get to talk about that right now." Its voice was tight.

Harry felt his eyes burning. "She--"

"I SAID NO." The Ron thing stood up, face red.

Harry bit his lip. "I...I'm sorry." He stood up to face the thing. "Why are you here?"

The thing gave him another cold smile. "What do you think?"

"Are you here to... I mean..." Harry looked away. "Am I going to Hell?"

It snorted. "In a manner of speaking."

"Look, I don't understand! You--you're here and you're... but you don't seem like him at all and if this is all about killing me then just do it! I deserve it! I deserve it a thousand times over, I know that! I should have died instead of you! Instead of H-" He stopped, inhaling sharply. "Just kill me, whatever you are. Please."

The Thing smirked. "Big talk from the wizard who took out a team of Aurors and his last remaining friend in order to save his hide."

"I thought we weren't going to talk about--"

"No, you're not going to talk about it, Harry." Its expression was furious. "I think I've earned the right."

Harry stood very still. "So you have."

The Thing took a deep breath and closed its eyes. "This isn't what I'm here for either." It opened its eyes, calmer now. "Look, Harry... things are different. I'm different. I know things now. Everything." It smiled, grimly. "There are things that matter on a larger scale. You're important, whether I think you deserve to be or not."

Harry's voice was very small. "I don't want to be important."

Its was cold. "It doesn't matter what you want."

"Doesn't it?" Harry made a sound that was almost a laugh. "What are you here for if not to convince me to want something?"

It advanced, sneering. "You great, arrogant arse. I'm not interested in what you want." It was uncomfortably close now. "It's going to happen one way or another. I'm just here to prepare you so you won't fuck it up."

Harry stepped away. "You aren't R--" He still couldn't say it. "You aren't."

It laughed. "I'll have to disagree with you there, mate."

"Then... why you?" Harry crossed his arms. "Why did you volunteer for the job? Did you want a--"

"I didn't want to be here at all." It was yelling again.

"Then why are you?"

It looked him directly in the eye. "Because you can't kill someone who's already dead."

Harry choked. "I wouldn't! I--"

"Save that for someone you haven't already killed, Harry. Besides..." He pointed at Harry's wand, shaking in his fist. "Your hand tells me otherwise."


To be continued?
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