FIC: The Abolitionist (originalfic/Slave Breakers crossover)

Cover for 'The Abolitionist'

Title: The Abolitionist.
Creator: Dusk Peterson.
Where to find me: Website, e-mail list, Dreamwidth blog, InsaneJournal mirror blog, LiveJournal mirror blog.
Fandom: A crossover between my Turn-of-the-Century Toughs universe and Maculategiraffe's Slave Breakers universe. You don't need to know the fandoms to understand this story.
Pairing: One of my characters/one of Maculategiraffe's characters (and boy, did I have to flip a coin to decide which character to list first). The name of Mac's character is revealed at an appropriate point in the first chapter, but for those of you who can't wait that long for the exact pairing: [Spoiler]Carr/Jesse
Categories: Male/male attraction, male/male platonic feelings, male/female attraction (subplots), and male/female platonic feelings (subplots). Historical fantasy (with a touch of science fiction), class/rank themes, family themes, friendship fiction, master/servant (subplots), references to past master/slave, mentor fiction (subplot), spirituality themes, war fiction (subplot).
Age of Sail era: 1910s, because commercial fishing by sailboat didn't end in the nineteenth century on the Chesapeake Bay. My novel features the shore operations that supported the Bay's fishing boats.
Series: Waterman, a historical fantasy series and retrofuture series inspired by the Chesapeake Bay oyster wars, boarding school rivalries in the 1910s, and 1960s visions of things to come. I've been posting these stories out of order, so this is the first story in the series.
Warnings/rating: Boilerplate warning for all my stories, with an additional warning for profanity. R (or M by my ratings system in the previous link). Both main characters are over eighteen.
Length: Novel (60,000 words).
Feedback: Yes, please.
Note: With generous permission from Maculategiraffe, this is a DRM-free multiformat e-book (epub, html, mobi/Kindle, pdf, doc). The first couple of scenes can be read free online, or can be downloaded as an e-book sample.
Story summary: When a foul-mouthed, seditious foreigner turns up at your door, what are the benefits of letting him in? So wonders Carr, a young man living in a bayside nation that is troubled by internal battles. In his world, servants fight against masters, tonging watermen fight against dredging watermen, and landsteads eye one another's oyster grounds with greed. It seems to Carr that the only way in which to keep such warfare from entering his own home is to keep very, very quiet about certain aspects of himself which his family would not be able to accept.

But "trouble" is a word that appears to delight the new visitor. He is ready to stir up danger . . . though he may not be as prepared as he thinks to confront what lies within Carr.

The servants were scared stiff of him, and the masters were clearly uncertain what to say to a man who came from such an eccentric House. Nothing was different, nothing had changed. And yet everything had changed since Carr met a young foreigner who showed him not the least bit of respect.

Pardoning Snape, Free to Good Home

posted by: abstract_concept in fanfic_fanfic

Name: the_con_cept

Length of fragment: 756 words

Fandom: HP

Main characters and/or pairing(s): Possible Snape/Harry, but it can go where ever you want.

Rating: Nothing graphic, so I’d say this bit is PG-13, though it’s a bit darkish in tone.

If you think you can do better (and chances are you can) go for it!

Other notes: This is your standard beginning for wrapping up the "Snape-gets-captured and vindicated (or at least pardoned) scene", for any fic that needs such a thing. I have too many of these, I swear. I really like this one, but the fics I’m doing right now don’t need this scene. If you want any clarifications, feel free to hit me up, I’m at beyond that, it’s all yours baby.


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HP fic up for adoption

posted by: abstract_concept in fanfic_fanfic

Name: the_con_cept

Length of fragment: 326 words

Fandom: HP

Main characters and/or pairing(s): Lucius Malfoy/Harry Potter

Rating: NC-17

If you think you can do better (and chances are you can) go for it!

Other notes: I'd intended this fic either be a non-con or a perceived non-con in which Harry and Lucius was screwing over Voldemort, with your typical kinky sexy eater voyeurs scene if nothing else. If you want any clarifications, feel free to hit me up, I’m at Beyond that, it’s all yours baby.




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[dw] conspire to ignite

unfinished due South fic

Length of fragment: (Word count)
Fandom: due South
Main characters and/or pairing(s): Fraser. Victoria.
Rating: G
May changes be made to what you've already written? If necessary.
Other notes: Ghostfic. Futurefic (four or five years down the road). I hadn't planned for either Ray to appear in this one, or decided whether Victoria had committed suicide or been murdered: I wanted to play with psychological ghost-story themes (think The Turn of the Screw) and the obsessive aspect of the Fraser/Victoria relationship. Had no idea how to resolve it, which is probably why this didn't come out, but I'm still very fond of the idea.

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DCU fic for adoption

Name: glossing
Length of fragment: 1700 words
Fandom: Pre-Crisis DCU (Batfamily & Teen Titans)
Main characters and/or pairing(s): Dick Grayson, Dick/Bruce Wayne
Rating: PG-13(?) for boyslash kissing
May changes be made to what you've already written? I'd prefer not, but slight tidying-up is both okay and understandable.
Other notes: I'd intended to play with identity porn here, such that Bruce is untouchable - he can approach Dick, and attempt to reciprocate, only as the Bat. I also wanted to do a lot more with the Roosevelt Island tram. *g* Oh, and these scans might help you envision both Bruce and Dick's interaction at this point in canon and Dick's sex-ay Robincycle.

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Heart shadow hand

Unfinished Fic: "Close the Blinds"

Name: lilian_cho
Length of fragment: a mere 200 words
Fandom: Harry Potter
Main characters and/or pairing(s): Harry/Draco, dark!Harry
Rating: R for sexual situation
May changes be made to what you've already written?
...I've only written 200 words, but if you have to change a few words sure. (For uniformity in writing style etc.)

Other notes: I've always been fascinated by dark!Harry in the context of H/D; however, I've never written sex scenes what's more BDSM sex scenes, so I know this fic won't get written for years, if ever ^^;;

I was answering the prompt "Close the blinds," trust, and obedience, and dark!Harry was born.
I'm curious as hell what Draco gets in return from Harry, what made Harry unhinged, and whether or not Draco is falling in love with Harry. But I sternly told my brain no because I already have dozens of plotbunnies >=O

You might also find this dark!Harry slavery plotbunny helpful :-)

If you decide to write it I'm your slave willing beta :-DDD

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Unfinished Harry Potter Fic: Wartime H/D

Here's my offering:

Name: libby_drew
Length of fragment: 3,900 words
Fandom: Harry Potter
Main character/pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: as presented - PG
May changes be made to what you've already written?: It's yours now - have at it!
Notes to the adoptive parent(s): I started this shortly after HBP came out, but realized pretty quick that I was having issues with this Horcrux thing. Honestly, I'm still lukewarm on the whole plotline, but it's growing on me. Regardless, I don't plan on finishing this fic. I have an outline for the rest of the story, but you don't want or need it. Whatever ideas you come up with will be better than mine were, I'm sure. It was tentatively titled "A History of Us", but if you give it a nice home, you can name it whatever you like. :)

Fragment is under the cut.

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unfinished HP fic

Name: grey_hunter
Length of fragment: 6583 (plot not included)
Fandom: Harry Potter (I think it was originally pre-HBP but I don't even remember)
Main characters and/or pairing(s): Harry/Draco (though actually, it's just getting there)
Rating: PG (Because it's just the beginning.)
May changes be made to what you've already written? Absolutely!
Other notes: I stopped writing this fic because I realised that it's a bit cliché and I think I made out Draco too submissive and too OOC, so if you can change that, that'd be appreciated. However, I like his looks and his boy-next-door personality.

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The plot I devised for it: (It may contain misspellings, abbreviations and *gasp* foreign words.) You don't have to go along with it, it's just posted as a guideline.

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yay!i'm capt/wtf? {jim/bones}

(no subject)

Name: glorified_moron
Length of fragment: 979
Fandom: Harry Potter
Main characters and/or pairing(s): Harry, Snape
Rating: PG-13 (for cursing and er, imagery)
May changes be made to what you've already written? Is it alright to say mild changes? Definitely where grammar is concerned. lol.
Other notes: The point I eventually wanted to get across with this is Harry’s need for Snape even through all the things that have happened. He just can’t quite let the man go. He’s addicted to the banter, to Snape’s voice, his sneer. He loves to see him lowered to such a level, to see his body dirty and fragile; gets off on it. I wanted, as I already started to, hint at a past where Harry was a slave to Voldy and the Death Eaters. I wanted that to be something that reoccurred and was still raw and felt between the two of them. I wanted there to be sexual chemistry even though they despise each other. You can still want/need someone you hate. I don’t know how to describe it really. Probably why I never got anywhere with it. I'd love to see what someone could do with it!

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