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Porn. The final frontier.

Name: glorified_moron
Length of fragment: 979
Fandom: Harry Potter
Main characters and/or pairing(s): Harry, Snape
Rating: PG-13 (for cursing and er, imagery)
May changes be made to what you've already written? Is it alright to say mild changes? Definitely where grammar is concerned. lol.
Other notes: The point I eventually wanted to get across with this is Harry’s need for Snape even through all the things that have happened. He just can’t quite let the man go. He’s addicted to the banter, to Snape’s voice, his sneer. He loves to see him lowered to such a level, to see his body dirty and fragile; gets off on it. I wanted, as I already started to, hint at a past where Harry was a slave to Voldy and the Death Eaters. I wanted that to be something that reoccurred and was still raw and felt between the two of them. I wanted there to be sexual chemistry even though they despise each other. You can still want/need someone you hate. I don’t know how to describe it really. Probably why I never got anywhere with it. I'd love to see what someone could do with it!

“So Potter,” he watched as the spatter flew from his mouth and to land upon the cheek of The Savor and smirked slightly before continuing, hiding the grimace that such and act caused as the utmost corner of his lip cracked. “Has Albus truly steeped so low as to hire you as the new Potions Master? Has he really become so befuddled that he thinks you and your miniscule brain can teach such a fine art?”

“I wouldn’t know. My miniscule brain has no inkling of such an offer being put forth to me. And had I been asked I think I would have replied somewhere along the lines of: I may think upon it, given you can get rid of that stench that pervaded our dear departed Professor Snape, repugnant as it was it seems to have seeped into the very walls. And be it that I do not have to use the quarters that he haunts to this day I’m sure, for the acts which he took part of with his ‘snaklings‘ I believe I once heard them called, would keep me awake retching to all hours of the morning. But still, I never did hear of such an offer I’m afraid. I don’t know where you get your gossip these days, Severus.” the boy grinned and folded his hands together neatly over his finely pressed trousers.

“I would politely ask you not to address me by my familiar, Mr. Potter. It makes my skin craw unkindly, even in a place such as this. As to my gossip-- well, even in my current state of dwelling I have my means. Do you really think yourself so--” he stopped a moment to cough into his sleeve, “Formidable to be able to fill my shoes? Or is it that you simply can’t be without some form of my presence at all times? Do you still long to be under my… tutelage? Is that it Mr. Potter?”

“Of course. I do so miss those days of belittling and heated… banter between us, Severus. Some of my best work was done then. The new Minister of Magic is the only one close enough in scorn to hold any kind of resentment you always mustered up. But alas I wouldn’t dare speak to him in an unbecoming manor; a man such as myself must keep up appearances these days. I wouldn’t want the bastard to think ill of me and turn a blind eye to my advice, valuable as it is to his career, for his brain is smaller than mine and he could easily have our world out in the open within minutes if he were to ever think for himself. But I digress, don‘t I Severus?” the boy smiled again, one not of scorn but of patients and Snape hated to be bestowed that smile and the urchin knew it.

“Hmm. And what was it you are digressing from? Were you about to own up to liking being put in your place? Disgusting boy that you were I have no doubt you left the dungeons on numerous occasions with blood rushing to places other than your puffed and enraged cheeks.”

“Tut tut. Really, Severus, you should keep such humiliating fantasies to yourself. I always new you got off on my anger towards you. You really are a sick fuck, aren’t you?”

“Language, Mr. Potter.”

“In a place like this? You wish for me to-- politen me words in a place filled with filth and wastes of the human form? With a man that used to get fucked Lucius Malfoy by choice? That not once but three times tried to kill me? Damn, I think most of the bastards warded within these walls have tried to murder me actually. That’s kinda sad.” He shrugged his shoulders and gave a little pout before brightening. “And did you not once call me, let me see if I can remember this right, ‘A fucking dirty little slut that would give it up to anything with a hard-on for him and a Knut in his pocket?’ No I think I’m confusing that with when you donned me ‘The Dark Lords little whore’ or was it ‘Fuck puppet’? I can’t remember these days…” he tapped a finely manicured finger to his lips as if pondering which it in fact was.

“Those were the days, weren’t they? When you were so hungry for it you used to spread yourself wide as you could and begged The Dark Lord to fuck you raw. And it never did matter if the room was filled with Death Eaters or not, better for it when it was, wasn’t it ‘Pet’? You loved it when we watched you take it, always blubbering for more, pleading with us to let you stay. Offering to suck whoever’s cock as long as you could stay and get fucked by that filthy piece of flesh. How humbling that must have been for you.”

“Must have been why I castrated the cunt before I killed him then, wouldn’t you say? Because it was so humbling to be constantly filled with his ejaculate, he never could hold off, fucker came almost the second he was inside me. Lousy lover, really.”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“And I’ll let you keep that delusion, see how nice I am?”

“Was there a point to you coming? Or did you just miss me already? It’s only been a week since your last visit, you know.”

“Do I need a reason to come bask in seeing you like this? Really, Severus, you’d think you’d learn.”

“I think that ability was sucked out by your mouth on my cock that last time.”

“That was five years ago, really my abilities astound me.”


“Do you remember the day I brought you here?”

“I was unconscious wasn’t I? Why do you bother with such redundant questions?”
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