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Unfinished Fic: "Close the Blinds"

Name: lilian_cho
Length of fragment: a mere 200 words
Fandom: Harry Potter
Main characters and/or pairing(s): Harry/Draco, dark!Harry
Rating: R for sexual situation
May changes be made to what you've already written?
...I've only written 200 words, but if you have to change a few words sure. (For uniformity in writing style etc.)

Other notes: I've always been fascinated by dark!Harry in the context of H/D; however, I've never written sex scenes what's more BDSM sex scenes, so I know this fic won't get written for years, if ever ^^;;

I was answering the prompt "Close the blinds," trust, and obedience, and dark!Harry was born.
I'm curious as hell what Draco gets in return from Harry, what made Harry unhinged, and whether or not Draco is falling in love with Harry. But I sternly told my brain no because I already have dozens of plotbunnies >=O

You might also find this dark!Harry slavery plotbunny helpful :-)

If you decide to write it I'm your slave willing beta :-DDD

Here, it's all yours:

"Close the Blinds" (posted on my LJ here)

"Close the blinds," Potter's no-nonsense voice rang in the empty room.

Draco shuddered, and immediately did as he was told. Weak strobes of light peeked from the slits, but everything else was cast in deep shadows.

"We wouldn't want your fair skin to get burned, do we?" Draco could tell from Potter's voice that he was smirking.

"Yes Harry," he answered in a soft monotone. Potter had strange notions about his pale skin. He also insisted on Draco calling him "Harry." Draco thought first names were a small price to pay for what Potter granted him in return.

Without being told, he lowered himself on his forearms and knees, using his thick robe to cushion his body against the cold stone floor.

Draco shivered as Potter placed a cold hand on the small of his bare back.

Potter hummed as he skate his fingertips up and down Draco's back, arms, chest. Draco couldn't help but gasp when a jagged fingernail raked his chest.

In a conversational tone, Harry said, "I love your frail shoulders Draco. When I move inside you I swear I could see angel wings unfurling."

"Are you an angel?" Harry bit one shoulder blade, then another. "Malfoy?"

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