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Fanfic of fanfic

explore another universe

authors sharing universes
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NOTE: Due to inactivity, this community is closed to new posts.

Welcome to fanfic_fanfic!

This community was created as a place to explore the writing of fanfic in other fanfic authors' universes. We are not a remix community (though remixes are allowed), but rather we encourage the creation of new fic in an existing fic universe, much as most of us already do when writing fanfic of the work of JK Rowling or JRR Tolkien, etc.

Please read the following before you post:


-This is a multi-fandom, multi-genre community, which means that writing in any fandom (HP, LOTR, BTVS, etc.) is allowed, as well as any type of fic (slash, het, gen, etc.) including RPS and crossovers. If a particular fandom or genre is not your cup of tea, do not read it. Flames will not be tolerated.

-All ratings are allowed, though proper warnings should be placed in the header of each fic.

-All fic over 200 words (as well as all NC-17 fic, regardless of length) must be placed under a cut.

-Off-topic posts are not allowed. If you make a post which is not a work of fiction based on another fanfic author's work of fiction you will be asked to remove it.

-You absolutely MUST have the permission of the fanfic author within whose universe you are writing before you may post your story at fanfic_fanfic. If you have written something in your friend's fanfic universe as a surprise, that's wonderful. Post it first in your own journal, and then post it here AFTER you have permission.

Posting without Permission: If you post a story without permission from the original fanfic author and we receive a complaint from that author, your story will be removed and you will be banned from the community. This is not negotiable. If we receive notice from an author that you did not have permission but that they do not mind that you've posted, we will keep the story up and give you a warning. If you post again without permission after receiving a warning, you will be banned at that time, regardless of the author's reaction.

This may seem like a very harsh rule, but it is a sensitive topic in fandom, and we do not want any problems or misunderstandings regarding the intent of this community. We do not condone plagiarism or any form of disrespect toward any fanfic authors. Please treat your fellow authors with courtesy.

Guidelines for posting:

-Your fic header must include the following in whichever order you choose:

(if applicable)
Name of original fanfic author:
Link to the work that inspired you:
(this absolutely MUST be included)
Warnings: (if any)
Disclaimer: (as appropriate to the fandom and/or genre)

You may also include your name, a short summary of your story, any author's notes, and whatever other information you believe is important before the readers click through the cut tag, or to your external link.


A Master List of Unfinished fics up for adoption can be found here.


We are very excited about the possibilities for this community and hope that you will find its concept fun to explore.

Note to authors:
~If you are interested in writing, but don't know which authors might be amenable to the idea of someone else writing in their universe, we suggest that you start by checking this post. Many authors have already commented to grant permission and/or give any stipulations for writing in their universe.

~You might also ask someone who is already a member of the community.

**Please note that this community contains works of fiction that may be inappropriate for readers under the age of 17.

Any questions, complaints or suggestions should be directed to dorrie6 or kaalee.